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By Stacy Jackson, Addiction Treatment Specialist

Wellness centers are facilities dedicated to the health and mental well being of those who choose to participate in their programs. These centers are generally operated by highly skilled staff, including physicians, nutritionists, holistic health practitioners, and/or other professionals. Wellness centers that employ physicians are able to use traditional medicine, in order to treat medical conditions and improve their patients' health. However, those operate without a physician, use more holistic and natural ways of treating ailments. Many wellness centers focus on massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, and other alternative healing techniques. Educational classes, fitness classes, and other useful classes, like those focusing on yoga and meditation, are also commonly offered. Some wellness centers will also cater to a patient's mental and emotional needs, offering counselors, support groups, and other forms of emotional support. Other centers specialize in experimental medicine to heal a specific condition or to simply increase overall health. However, regardless of a center's specializations, wellness centers are all focused on mind and body wellness.

Different Types of Wellness Centers:

There are many different types of wellness centers. Some centers focus on a specific issues, like chronic pain or weight loss, while others cater to a specific clientele, like business professionals or college students. There are also wellness centers that cater specifically to recovering drug users. These centers will generally offer a range of physical and mental health services to help to restore the body and mind of a recovering addict. Unlike other drug treatment programs, wellness centers are usually outpatient facilities. At most centers, patients are free to make their own appointments, come and go as they please, and rely on the center's services as much as they need. Wellness centers are dedicated to providing resources to those that wish to improve themselves, but do not force patients to do so. Many, but not all, wellness centers also accept insurance. Many centers will accept various different insurance companies and provide free or reduced cost services, in order to make the center affordable.

Could a Wellness Center Benefit Someone Suffering from a Crystal Meth Addiction?

Once an individual decides to change his or her life and stop relying on methamphetamine, a wellness center could be very beneficial. Crystal Meth is an extremely dangerous drug that grabs hold of a person and consumes his/her entire life. Those suffering from a methamphetamine addiction are not only changed mentally, they are changed physically. Meth wrecks havoc on the body. Many meth users are suffering from malnutrition, their hearts are under significant stress, their muscles have weakened, and their immune systems are dangerously weak. Even after detoxing from the drug, many addicts are left with weakened bodies. It can take a very long time to recover from the effects of crystal meth. Finding a wellness center that caters to recovering addicts or that offers general services to improve a patient's overall health can sometimes be just what an individual needs. A wellness center will give a recovering meth addict access to medical treatments, health education classes, fitness classes, and alternative treatments to improve his/her health. This will not only provide the resources to improve one's health, but it will encourage an addict to focus on recovery.

Many people that are recovering from a crystal meth addiction feel a bit lost. Without an addiction to focus on, they are often left with a large amount of free time to fill. Instead of falling into old patterns, focusing on strengthening their body and improving their health can help to keep them on track. Many people find solace in meditation, yoga, and the other services that many wellness centers offer. Lots of wellness centers also offer classes focusing on spirituality, provide counselors, and hold support group meetings. Having this type of support is vital to many addicts' recovery. Also, what makes the support offered at many wellness centers so beneficial is that it is completely optional. A person can choose to receive counseling or talk to someone about their struggles. Participation at wellness centers is voluntary, which makes them more attractive to addicts than forced treatment methods. Once a person begins to feel stronger and more confident, they can choose to visit the center less often. If they are taking a few classes, they can lighten their load. On the other hand, if they begin to feel overwhelmed or tempted to slip back into old habits, they can pick up right where they left off. A wellness center is not like most other treatment programs. They do not require a person to stay overnight or commit most of their day. Choosing to discontinue visiting a center is not like walking out of an intensive treatment program. This takes much of the pressure and stress out of the situation, and instead, makes a person's participation in activities or services offered by the center much more enjoyable.

How Wellness Centers Fit Into Treatment for Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

While finding a great wellness center can greatly benefit a recovering addict, most meth addicts will need more intensive treatment when first discontinuing their substance abuse. The reason that many treatment centers are intensive, overnight programs is that quitting meth is extremely difficult. Most people find that they need to remove themselves from their situation and focus on their recovery, especially in the beginning stages. Depending on the severity of one's reliance on methamphetamine, a wellness center may not be enough at first. Instead, the services offered by these centers should be used to continue one's treatment upon leaving their initial drug treatment program. Most centers are not equipped to handle those going through detox or withdrawal. Wellness centers are the greatest benefit to those that have a certain goal, whether that goal is to find emotional support or improve one's body. Learning to appreciate life and appreciate oneself is some of the things that recovering addicts find most difficult. Educating and improving oneself through a wellness center is a great way to replace dangerous habits, with those that will benefit an addict for the rest of their lives.

Wellness Centers

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