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By Stacy Jackson, Addiction Treatment Specialist

During tough economic times, there are some people who look to alternative methods for coping with stress. These alternative forms, such as illicit substance abuse, cannot only hurt the user and his or her chances for future success, but they can negatively impact loved ones and those close to the user as well. Fortunately, there are a number of drug treatment centers available to help one free him or herself from the throws of addiction and regain a healthy, productive life. However, not all drug treatment centers are the same, and for those families seeking help for a loved one, or addict themselves, a bit of research can greatly help you when choosing a drug wellness center.

Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

Although originally encased in more impoverished areas in the United States, crystal meth is now one of the most widespread abused illegal drugs in the United States as well as a number of other countries throughout the world. Typically made from the chemical ephedrine, which is found in a number of cough and cold medicines, crystal meth has made its way to every corner of the country, sparring no particular ethnic group from its wrath. Cooked in recreational vehicles, apartments, and even mobile homes, crystal meth use is said to be of epidemic proportions as it is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances in the category of illegal drugs. The federal government, along with state and local law enforcement officials as well as healthcare providers, has been on a constant campaign over the last decade in an attempt to educate both the general public and addicts about the imminent and potential dangers of the drug. From these campaigns, scores of citizens have come forward in an attempt to rid themselves or their loved ones of addiction. Drug treatment centers have begun to refocus their attention from traditional addictive substances, such as cocaine and heroin, to provide treatment for a growing number of individuals who have become hooked on crystal methamphetamine.

These new drug treatment centers have reviewed their approach to conventional addictive substances and are using a number of methods to treat as well as educate their clients on the best possible ways to regain their level of wellness and shed the need for crystal meth. For those who are considering admission or planning an intervention for a family member, friend, or co-worker, there are treatment centers in almost every corner of each state that are willing to take in the patient and get his/her life back on track. However, one should be very aware of what the addict will go through during treatment no matter where he or she resides. Crystal meth addiction can cause withdrawals that may last for a number of weeks. As the drug leaves the body, the user's physical body begins to restructure its systems without the high powered stimulant, which can lead to both physical and emotional instability. Treatment centers have both doctors, nurses, and assistants standing by to help users through this time of need and take him or her to the next level of treatment.

After detoxification, the patient is ready to begin the actual recovery portion of his or her addiction, which is when the real personal work begins. During treatment, the patient will be guided through a series of steps in which he or she learns to live without the drug. This is a re-introduction to their former lives and can be a trying time for the user. Family members, friends, and associates may be first encouraged to stay their distance for the initial detox, although once treatment begins, they are encouraged to help the patient in any way possible, and let him or her know that there is a support group outside of the treatment center when the time comes for the patient's release. Most crystal methamphetamine treatment centers are available for questions and advice twenty four hours per day, seven days a week. For those who feel the need to speak to someone, there is no reason to wait another minute.

Cocaine and Heroin Treatment

Throughout history, cocaine and heroin have been one of the most popular and widely abused drugs. From times before the Common Era, opiates and coca leaves have been used by native populations in almost every part of the world. In the United States, opiates were introduced to the population in the middle 1800s and were an instant hit. However, opiates are highly addictive and many people found themselves a slave to the bottle of laudanum, which at one times was used as a panacea for all ailments. Cocaine also found its way to the country during this time, and it, too, was considered a cure-all for almost any illness that existed. Eventually, both of these drugs would be found to contain a number of addictive qualities and become scheduled in the illicit drug category. However, that would not deter people from using and becoming addicted to these substances, which lead to a number of treatment centers becoming widely available.

Heroin and cocaine addiction can be just as tough as any other substance to become free of. However, with such a long history of abuse, drug treatment centers are more educated on how to deal with and help the user than with some of the newer drugs now available. Both cocaine and heroin are extremely physically and emotionally addictive, which is why around the clock treatment must be given to those who use these substances. Heroin may take up to one week to release its grip on the user, and during this time the user will experience a number of physical and emotional responses to this withdrawal. Cocaine may take a shorter duration to leave the body and its physical effects are said to be only a fraction of that of heroin. However, drug treatment centers do not take cocaine detoxification lightly and will have staff at the ready if some problem should arise. Drug treatment centers for cocaine and heroin are available for both family members of an addict and addicts themselves twenty four hours per day and seven days per week. Although some treatment centers have changed from solely cocaine and heroin to encompass crystal meth, there will be plenty of staff on hand for those who are in need of attention.

Alcohol Treatment

The oldest and most widely abused substance known to man is alcohol. From the time grains could be stored, human kind began to create a number of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol has lead to deaths for thousands of years and continues to be a drug that wreaks havoc on populations throughout the world where alcohol is abused. In the US alone, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to alcohol each year whether they are from physiological damage or automobile accidents. Alcohol addiction can be just as hard as other illicit substances to free yourself of, and many people often have to seek treatment a number of times before he or she stops usage. There are help centers for both in-patient and out-patient treatment all over the United States as well as across the world. For those who need help controlling their usage of alcohol, help is available around the clock and should not be put off one more day. Family members can get information on how to help a loved one receive discreet and proper treatment with the simple click of the mouse.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

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